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What will racial mixing bring?

Mixing will not mean one homogeneous mixed race — far more likely is an India-like scenario, with a multiplicity of new types and subtypes, with all the associated hostilities and conflicts of a bi-racial society multiplied by ten. That’s not a future I’d wish upon my posterity.

Furthermore, even wholesale mixing will not end the processes of racial divergence and speciation. It may set them back 100,000 years (and, in the process, extinguish forever the hope that Life will transcend the bonds of Earth), but they cannot be stopped.

Like storm-clouds building into thunderheads, race-formation is always on the horizon, always happening.

So the enforced multiracialism that now prevails in the former West is not only cruel, genocidal, and destructive — but since it must fail in its goals, it is also pointless.

  • 4 September 2013
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